VINYL BANNERS Vinyl banners are one of the most popular and cost-effective signage solutions available and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. USA Image uses high-quality vinyl material and high-resolution printers to create durable, photo-quality prints. From small sizes to banners over a hundred feet long we take pride in the quality and execution for our customers.Durable, waterproof and fade resistant 13oz vinyl Vibrant colors & great print quality Perfect for both indoor & outdoor applications Professionally finished with hem and grommets (no additional charge)Typically installed with zip ties or directly attached Please contact us if you need alternative finishing options (e.g. pole pockets) or double-side printing
MESH BANNERS Mesh banners are primarily used outdoors when there’s a need for a wind permeable installation. The banner material is webbed together creating a porous vinyl that is lightweight and permeable to air and sound. Due to the permeability a mesh banner will have a slightly more transparent or “muted” appearance than a traditional vinyl banner.Often seen on safety fencing, stadiums and athletic fieldsMaintains a good print quality and is extremely durable for outdoor applicationsMesh weave lets air through, minimizing wind effectsProfessionally finished with hem and grommets (no additional charge)Typically installed with zip ties
GRAND FORMAT BANNERS Grand format “behemoth” banners are a USA Image specialty. With projects more than 50 feet wide and over 100 feet long, these print jobs take special equipment and significant expertise to complete. Grand format banners can be either vinyl or mesh, depending on the project requirements. Banners of this size require some creative, load bearing finishing. We recommend an RF seat belt webbing be attached to the perimeter for maximum holding power – banners are less effective when they’re flying down the street.
POLE BANNERS Pole banners are displayed on light posts and utility poles along streets, parking lots, in city centers, on campuses and other outdoor venues to provide a message to the masses. Highly visible these banners are great for promoting events and seasonal messaging.USA Image can provide the pole banner hardware, durable vinyl banners and installation for your new project or work with you to replace existing banners.
RETRACTABLE BANNER STANDS Portable banner stands are a flexible, cost effective way to place your message in front of your audience. Retractable banner stands are lightweight and require very little time and effort to set up. USA Image’s premium stand comes with a lifetime limited hardware warranty against manufacturer defects and can be updated with replacement prints.Comes complete with base, hybrid bungee/telescoping pole with toolless quickrail and carry bagAvailable in anodized black or silverMolded end plates and adjustable feet on baseVariable graphic height: 60" - 83.25"Graphic size 33.5”w x 60"h to 83.25"hOption to update with replacement printsLifetime limited hardware warranty against manufacturer defects
FABRIC BANNERS Fabric banners may be a good option if you’re looking for a more high-end feel. Fabric banners hang beautifully, have bright accurate colors and provide a softer look with less glare. USA Image uses industry standard fire rated fabrics that are available up to 10-foot-wide without a seam. USA Image can custom finish your drop to accommodate your specific needs which can include anything from a hemmed edge to a pocket to webbing and grommets and more.